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This is a registry of directory-wide projects taking place within the Open Directory Project.

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Projects Getting Started

These projects are in the formation stage. Please volunteer to help out as a project leader or team member. More information is available on the project pages.

Project Area Leader
New directory model (SUSPENDED) Product Development dmclean
Editor Achievement Badges Volunteer Development crowbar

Active Projects

These projects are currently underway. Many still welcome additional team members, so contact the project leader if you are interested. More information is available on the project pages.

Project Area Leader
Geocoding for Categories Product Development chaos127
Standardized Category Charters Product Development sthenbelle
Submissions Preprocessing Quality Control itubert
Acceptance Letters Volunteer Development ywad
Editor Weekend 2009 Volunteer Development laigh
ODP Glossary Volunteer Development plantrob
Tip of the Day/Week/Month Volunteer Development sthenbelle
End-of-year 2010 Mozzies Volunteer Assessment laigh
Dashboard Redesign Internal Software Development rwkat
Translation of Editing Interface Internal Software Development tuisp
Feedback System Overhaul Internal Communications christoffel
Translation of Official Documentation External Communications tuisp

Completed Projects

These projects have been completed. Thank you to the project leaders and team members for their dedicated efforts. Your contribution is valued.

Project Area Leader
Wikipedia Mapping Product Development christoffel
Editor survey Volunteer Development hiraeth
End of year Mozzies 2009 Volunteer Development jtaylorj
Mozzie Awards Volunteer Development enarra
Year End Mozzies 2007 Volunteer Development jtaylorj
Year End Mozzies 2008 Volunteer Development jtaylorj
DMOZ Newsletter - May 2011 Internal Communications paulw99
Newsletter - The Next Generation Internal Communications artisands
Newsletter March 2008 Internal Communications chris2001
Newsletter Spring 2006 Internal Communications chris2001
Investigating Data Use External Communications jeanmanco

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